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Month: September 2013

The Ohio State four-miler

The Ohio State four-miler

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 4.02.47 PMIt’s been a few days since the last time writing on here and I wanted to get back on and publish the next challenge that lay ahead for FF4CURES.  Its been a busy couple weeks around the firehouse and at home with getting projects completed and taking care of some business.

As time goes on we can’t expect everything to stay the same, and one of those unfortunately is that the fitness center I’ve been using the last two years has decided to shutter its doors.  No, not like reopening as another gym just completely closing and selling out.  This will be the third change since starting this incredible life changing journey back in 2004 and oddly I’m taking it right back to where I started at the Mount Vernon YMCA.  I’ve went from local gym up to a large national chain gym, and back down through.  I am trying to stay optimistic about the changes and the opportunity to see something different, but I already am missing some of the amenities I have grown to love.

IMG_2140I spoke of challenges when I started this post out.  I was very blessed to find out about the Ohio State Four Miler that is being held on November 10 in Columbus, Ohio.  The event benefits the Urban and Shelley Meyer Fund for Cancer Research.  What an awesome adventure through the campus this will be to benefit a cause so close to my heart.  There is a saying, “but for Ohio State…” that has been used to start out many success stories that have changed lives.

Mine is, “but for Ohio State, its people, its research, its programs, and its ability to find cures, I would have lost my mother to Leukemia.”

On race day, I will join 5000 other people in the four-mile run through the campus of The Ohio State University before finishing on the 50-yard line at Ohio Stadium.  It will be easy to spot Team FF4CURES as I will be leading the way in full structural firefighting gear and the Buckeye Bullard helmet that has raised so many questions and allowed me to share the story of why I’m doing this.

Its about “paying forward”, its about making a difference, and being the change you want to see in the world.  I am proud of the ties that I have to the University and what they have done for my family and I will continue to support great causes such as this in the future.

Stay busy, stay active, be healthy, and make a difference.

Survival…running in gear

Survival…running in gear

IMG_2127What a day it was, running the Tunnel to Towers event in Cincinnati, Ohio on Sunday and a way to remember and honor our fallen brothers from almost 12 years ago.  The T2T run was inspired by Stephen Siller of the FDNY who was getting off shift when he heard of the tragedy and drove back to get his gear.  When he arrived at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, Brother Siller was unable to drive through because it was locked down for security.  Donning his gear he ran the distance to the World Trade Center.

It was a day of reflection, donning the gear and running not his own footsteps, but a similar distance to a much more peaceful end.  Brother Siller had the “option” to go on and play golf with family members he was supposed to be meeting that day, but he chose to help those in need and ended up making the ultimate sacrifice.  With each pounding step during the event I couldn’t help but contemplate life and giving and what might have been crossing the minds of 343 who responded to that call.

The run was tiring, intense, meaningful, and something that leaves you forever changed.  Although my finish time was a far cry from the just over 26 minutes that I have done elsewhere without gear, crossing the finish line was more meaningful to me.  I have climbed in fire gear, fought fire in fire gear, run races, and performed other competitions in fire gear, but this was different.

When faced with a decision, what will you do?  Will you take the easy route, or will you pull up your boots and sacrifice.  As the week of September 11 is upon us, let us all take time to reflect and NEVER FORGET.