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Month: February 2016

Looking for some heroes #BRIANSWARRIORS

Looking for some heroes #BRIANSWARRIORS

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.50.35 PM#BRIANSWARRIORS and #FF4CURES are looking for some help to cheer on and encourage my honoree, 6-year old Brian Ford. Brian is in the fight for his life right now and in need of a miracle as his leukemia is now resistant to chemotherapy and is now considered terminal. They are prepping for a stem cell transplant as he enters Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus today.

Look for me at the get together on Friday night at Gordon Biersch that is hosted by Adrian Barajas. On Friday night you can drop off shirts (he’s a youth medium), patches, coins, chips, etc. off as Adrian has graciously offered to have a table setup to collect these. I will also have a banner if those stopping by would like to sign. This banner will be coming back to Columbus and presented to him.

Sunday I will have a table setup at the climb in the lower level where the announcements, etc will be made. At the table I will have space for everyone to sign his banner (Firefighters, volunteers, other honorees, ANYONE!!!) Lets fill this and show him the how many people are fighting for him, and others battling these diseases. Also at the table there will be photos or ID badges with Brians picture on them. Please take a picture and clip it to your gear, hang from your helmet, or somehow carry him to the top. Remember step after step, the faces of the people that we are trying to save. Please return these if you can when finished so the upcoming battalions can take him as well. Have a picture with his card or want to send a team photo along to him, please contact me through FB or email me at / 740-627-1664

Not at the climb and your crew wants to support Brian Ford, send along a photo to me on here or through email. Is he riding with you today at your house, send a photo of your assignment board or your crew. Photos will be printed and posted on his updates site as well. Lets make this thing go viral. I’ve seen it done before and participated as well. Take a moment to help out and lift the spirits of a six-year-old that’s in a fight!

In Brotherhood,

Jason Bostic
Scott Firefighter Stair Climb Ambassaor – Eastern/Central U.S.
Fredericktown Community Fire District, Ohio