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Then we were three…

Then we were three…

We’re here, we’ve made it to three years and what a crazy ride its been.  If you would have asked me three years or definitely ten years ago if this is was where i was going to be I would have said you’re crazy!  Three years ago I was pressing buttons and setting up the initial pieces for the website as we camped on vacation.  Unfortunately due to flood damage in West Virginia we won’t be stopping through there on the way this year.

The first year I wasn’t sure what to expect, fearing the worst from others as I hung my shingle out and utilized this new space as a blogger.  I thought I would face all sorts of negativity and backlash from the community, but I guess that depends all on what you’re going with your piece of the Internet.  Over the course of the last several years it has by far been the positive things that have happened, the good that has been paid forward, and the amazing things that have been happening.

Whats been happening the last year or so?

Well, the truth is a lot of things have been happening.  So far in the last year I’ve been involved with around 30-35 events depending on how you count them.  I’ve helped by sponsoring my first events as a “blogger”.  I’ve jumped on board with another two events to help in planning them and launching some awesome projects.  I finished up my second full year as an Ambassador for the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb back in March.  I was an honoree climber for the inaugural “Big Climb Philly”, something I’ve never done before.  My wife and I are now Ambassadors for the non-profit 24-7 Commitment and this is all just the start.  The real answer for the last year is that momentum has been building, and not just a little bit of it.

Sadly just a week ago I had a first that I am not looking forward to doing again.  The loss of my 2015-2016 honoree Brian Ford (six years old) was a first youngest loss that shook my to the core.  Two battles with acute undifferentiated leukemia, his cure was not found soon enough and his body had enough.  This is a first that I knew may be coming, but you can never prepare yourself for because you want to be very positive and hopeful that EVERYONE is going to be cured.

Whats in store for the next year?

Hopefully with any “luck” there will be plenty of new things.  As I mentioned in a post about a week ago there are some plans in place, you can check that one out for yourself.  In short, the answer is more content, more collaboration, bigger things, and more people.  With some work I’ll be seeking new partnerships and sponsorships to help raise funds for some awesome organizations and keep pushing forward.

As I stated three years ago…

With the variety of fundraisers, events, and goings-on it is difficult to remember every website to point people to, and thus FF4CURES.COM was born.  Not only does this give me a place to be able to link people up with ways to give, but it also gives me a way to outreach, blog, and educate many of the “CURES” that I am fighting for and to ENCOURAGE OTHERS!

That statement above really hasn’t changed and there is a proven and trusted track record for just that.  While I may be the writer, the guy behind the name, and the one running the site, its about making a difference for others!

Thank you everyone that has continued to check this place out and reach out over the last few years.  Hope you’re ready for more!


Some changes coming…

Some changes coming…

This has been quite the ride so far and while I don’t know where the end could be, I know that the reach of FF4CURES is getting larger by the day!  I’ve watched Brian’s story go from local, to regional, to state and way beyond.  Now don’t get worried, these aren’t changes for the bad or anything like that, simply some things that need to happen up here to really continue the mission to raise awareness, make a difference in the lives of others, and the PAY FORWARD.

What will be changing…

1.  You’ll notice a few less events over the next 6-12 months.  While its been HUGE to get a lot of visibility I am trying to be select in where we are and also helping promote and help operate a few more events.  Also this gives more time for training and a little downtime to keep on the mission!  I’ve enjoyed a lot more time with those battling and time with family the last year.  With that said, we’ve got some awesome events we’re headed to, including the Tunnel to Towers Run in New York City at the end of September!  Some of the events I’m doing just have some more logistical costs to them, but are VERY important.

2.  More updates on the website.  I’ve wanted more articles, but honestly the last year it just hadn’t panned out as much as I planned.  I am hoping to feature something at least once a week of original content, plus also sharing others information and so forth.

3.  Events Calendar!  There are so many things going on out there that people just need awareness that it exists. Climbs (especially!), races, fundraisers, and more.  So I am working on this.  If you have an event you would like us to advertise, please email to

4.  Team FF4CURES.  Yes.  I see this vision of this becoming larger than me, because if I want more of an effect it needs to be.  More importantly, I want to reach even more places and more people to have an impact.  No, there aren’t applications yet.  No, there aren’t any ground rules laid out.  No, I don’t have the full idea of what all this will entail, but I am working on that.  I see this as standout firefighters from around the world with the same commitments and dedication to causes.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this so far.  Looking forward to the FUTURE and celebrating three years very soon!

Bike Run and Pool Tourney for Cancer

Bike Run and Pool Tourney for Cancer

Bike Run and Pool Tournament for Cancer
Foundations Helping Children with Cancer

Midway Tap

146 Union Street, Newark, Ohio 43055
Contact: Stella Pegan 740-405-0331

Sunday, July 10, 2016

First bike out at 11am-1pm, bikes in by 5pm.  Each person $10.00, passengers $5.00.
50% to the benefit and the best hand wins!

3 Bar box tables
Doubles tournament, Cincinatti Style $20.00 Sign up at Noon and Calcutta 12:30pm
Singles tournament $10.00 Sign up at 1:00pm and Calcutta 1:30pm.
Valley rules, race to two both side up to 32 players, after that raise to 2 on winners and one on losers.

Food, 50/50, auction, and various raffles.

Sent in by Team William.

Welcome to our newest firefighter

Welcome to our newest firefighter

JIM_0856Brian’s firefighter ceremony at my house the other night went off fabulous and was an absolutely amazing evening for a very special six-year old.  Family, friends, cartoon characters, community members, firefighters from multiple departments, and just people COMING TOGETHER for a cause.  He will no doubt be talking about the event for awhile, but the effect that he had on everyone that night and going forward is where we will see even more impact.  Those that got something from it as well and were able to take away strength, courage, fight, and so much more.

We had never performed an honorary firefighter service, but from the looks of it that evening, NO ONE could tell.  The organized efforts of many that came together for this and the teamwork was so strong that it just went off perfect.  Sure we has little glitches, a vocalist for the national anthem gets sick, no problem, in a small town we know all sorts of people with connection…SOLVED.  Air Evac 107, the medical helicopter has to leave, no problem, there were still a lot of kids that got to see it and check them out.  The thing was, it didn’t make a difference, when you’re giving of your time, your heart, your soul, and helping others, you can’t go wrong!

_JHB7408We entered with bagpipes, an honor guard, the National Anthem was sung, we prayed, we spoke of what characteristics he has that make him an excellent firefighter, and we encouraged him and his family.  Numerous gifts were presented, custom fire gear, a helmet, an official badge, and many others.  He took his oath and then was carried out to the rescue to put out his first fire.

Take a look at the short video from the event, the full video is still being edited.  What an amazing night for Brian to be able to feel the love and know he’s not in this alone.