The morning after

The morning after

I meant to post this on Monday, but with all the chaos of traveling it didn’t get submitted.  Stay tuned for a review of the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb and why YOU should be there in 2015!  

Its never easy, the trip back home and the day after the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb.  So many emotions, thoughts, memories made, and people met that its hard to wrap my hands around it completely.   The entire pouring of oneself into a project, any project as big as this that logistically has a lot going on for it and is far from a whim that you’re going to compete.

Sad, happy, pleased, tired, exhausted, content, and hungry are just a few of the emotions that I am fighting back on the plane ride across this beautiful country today.  As I passed through the lobby this morning the goodbye waves, nods, congratulations, the stay safe brothers spoke as we all went our separate ways. Arriving at the airport was the last time that most of us would see each other until next year, but sadly as I follow the LODD list and I know that’s not always a reality.

As one of my friends spoke yesterday that she had her breakdown moment midway through the day surrounded by firefighters, honorees, and the emotion of the event.  Exhaustion plagued my mind yesterday, but today the reality strikes and I know that its over, while the dose of brotherhood was a huge pick-me-up when its gone you feel like a piece of you is missing.  Today is my breakdown day and I find myself immersed in music while I’m editing event photos during flight as a constant reminder of how powerful this event and our brotherhood is.   We get things done, we fight this battle for those that can’t, we continue to break fundraising goals, and we push ourselves to be better than just the average firefighter.  If you tell us that it can’t be done, “you’d better step aside because we are going to do it in a New York minute and when we’re dome say THANK YOU sir may I please have another.

Paving the road back to Seattle and the 2015 climb begins today, it begins now, and I know the changes that need to be made and the steps I need to take to best my time and continue to increase competitiveness.  Some of the pieces that came into my life over the last couple months I know are very important to me.  Upping my game and pushing myself to attain new goals is key and that is going to take work.

Continue to check back for more updates and follow along FF4CURES is far from done, in fact we’re just getting warmed up!

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