Doing what for a cure?

Doing what for a cure?

bikeI’ve said for quite some time that 2014 was going to be an exciting year representing and doing events under my blog name FF4CURES and there would be new and exciting things to do.  I’ve ran, climbed, set new PR, been at new venues, new heights, added endurance challenges, four different states so far, and now I’m adding a new event, cycling.

I bought a bike a couple years ago that I could use for staying in shape and traveling differently with purpose of being able to use it in a race or a tour.  Its not the lightest out there, but far from just a typical big box store cycle and I must admit, it’s a pretty sweet ride.  Finally I’ll be able to put it to the test and see what my cardio classes have done for this type of event.

It was kind of a fluke that I found the event as I was perusing through my emails to check for junk and try to clear out some space.  As I sorted through the junk mail, somehow this event happened to fall in the wrong place.  The Westerville Bike Race coming up next weekend (May 31) in Central Ohio.  It was an event from the Central Ohio Cystic Fibrosis Foundation that took the place of the Battle of the Badges this year.

I’m excited and nervous to be competing in this since I have only biked for fun and exercise in the past.  I’m no novice rider, but when it comes to racing or competing on two wheels this will be a little different.  I figured when it came to racing there were some different things to know or that you need to do, but a racing license…a large rules book from the USAC and a few other things.  Registration completed, questions answered by Jason Carpenter with a phone call, and with the exception of some anxiety I’m ready to go.  I spent some time over the weekend tweaking the bike a little and going over everything top to bottom to make sure its ready.

I’m spending the week not doing anything too crazy, but my typical classes, and adding some rides in and working on transitioning from pavement types.  I drove the course on Saturday morning after another event in the Westerville area and looked at what areas I might need to be concerned with.  I try to pre-plan all of my events and come up with game plans; this one is close enough that I can get a better look at it.  I’m looking forward to Saturday morning and paying forward to another good cause!

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