We climb for those that can’t

We climb for those that can’t

As I sit in the plane this morning at CMH and wait for a mechanical issue to be fixed I find myself in touch with brother firefighters and families of those that we are climbing and championing for.  Some days are better than others as families who are dealing with Leukemia understand.  Some days we learn of good news, great results, and very positive and uplifting things, and then there are other days.  Those days with bad news, sad news, and news that no one is ever prepared for.  Those reasons both good and bad are why we do what we do and why we won’t stop.  We climb for those that can’t, those who haven’t the strength, the ability, and for those that have gained their wings.  We climb, compete, and fundraise so that someday other families will not have to hear the word cancer.

As I reflect back on the last ten years of this event, its amazing to think how far we have came as an organization at the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb.  We measured firefighters in the hundreds and now we approach firefighters totaling near 2000.  We’ve seen firefighters come and go, new volunteers and familiar faces, and so many great changes.  This year we celebrate 25-years and so much success.  Last year we raised $2.2 millon and i cant imagine what is ahead.  I am looking forward to many years ahead and at some point my son Jonas, joining me in the climb and making a difference.  

A “thank you” seems so small for all of the good deeds that have been done for me to get to this point.  The support, the donations, the equipment, the services traded, the sponsorships, the gear, and everything logistically to make it happen, but THANK YOU.  You have no idea how much the support of others means, no matter how big or small.  This is far from a one man job and although I am a team of one representing the great State of Ohio, I am a part of a much larger team.  

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