We’re going International

We’re going International

It’s absolutely hard to believe that I am almost down to single digits before my first International competition in Santiago, Chile.  When I started competing in Seattle back in 2007 I never even imagined it possible or that I would want to.  The people that I have met, the places that I have been, the opportunities, the challenges, the adventures, EVERYTHING has been so amazing.  It was through Seattle that I met my International friends….brothers….bomberos, and now here I am ready to embark on venturing to their climb on September 3.  

I will be competing with over 1000 other firefighters in the Run for Life, firefighter stair climb at the Constanera Center in downtown Santiago.  We will ascend 62 floors up the tallest building in South America, all to raise funds and awareness for organ donation in their country.  Why does this mean so much to me you ask?  Organ donation, more specifically bone marrow donation was the live saving piece for my mom to beat leukemia in 1990 at The Ohio State University Hospital.  

I’m very thankful for my Chilean friends that have kept touch over the years through the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb, who got me interested in their climb and ultimately are why I’m headed down there.  When we speak of brotherhood, it knows no bounds and is International.   “Just get down here,” “just take care of the airfare,” and you have a place to stay.  The hospitality of my brothers and the department of Santiago has been amazing already and I haven’t even touched down in country yet.  The assistance in getting through the registration process, the coordination of getting picked up at the airport, the ability to stay in their firehouses throughout the trip, the invitation to their company anniversary, and so many things that I don’t know yet.  

As my departure date comes closer, check back for more updates here and on Instagram as well.  If you look up jasonb911 you will find me up there and hopefully see more updates and some live shots at some point.  

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