Great partners make things easy – PATCHES ONLINE!

Great partners make things easy – PATCHES ONLINE!

Being in the fire service 20 years you come across a variety of things that you never thought you would find yourself involved in.  Planning fundraisers, cooking food for your closest 20-250 friends, shopping for $30,000 in tools, drawing up and spec’ing out a half million-dollar rescue, or the more common, dealing in apparel and items for members.  Whatever the product, you will find that not all companies are equal and have your share of pain and problems…but every once in a while, you find that one that continuously knocks it out of the park.

In the past month, due to contracts or whomever was stocking certain items requiring me to shop at specific stores, I have found myself stymied by excuses, problems, and products that didn’t meet my needs.  Heck, I the last 48 hours I’ve had three separate orders that have just went POOF and they were gone with other places.

Let me tell you about a company that has never let me down, and found ways to go above and beyond in what they do, that’s Get Hosed Apparel.  Jay and Staci set out on this venture several years ago in what many think is a big booming warehouse and manufacturing facility with countless machines and minions that are cranking out the product.  When quite the opposite is true, and the high quality, personal touch, great communication, and detail proves just that.

What sets them apart?  Small business.  Family owned and operated.  Firefighter owned.  As a firefighter owned business they know what you want, and as a family owned business they treat you like family.  They’ve been there and been bitten by the bad businesses before, just like the rest of us and they want to avoid that type of presentation.

I made the connection not long after they started business, so I’ve seen it go through the changes, transformation, ups, downs, and the amazing success.  What started out for me with a radio strap and bucket made out of old retired LDH turned into product after product.  I’ve turned to them for personal orders, department orders, leather radio straps, bags, laser work, apparel, cups, gifts, you name it.

Recently to advance the look of “Firefighter 4 Cures” brand and get it out there further, I decided to take things a step further with embroidery of our logo.  Little did I know that would lead to the ability to do patches (just as easy) and then the desire that more people were going to want those.  Now, go do a search on the Internet for custom patch design, patch manufacturing, and you will find countless places to do it from.  Along with that, you will found countless problems, customer service issues, high digitizing fees, oh and did I mention mostly manufactured overseas?!

Here comes Get Hosed Apparel with the win once again.  Embroidery work, digitizing of my design, flexible, affordable, great communication, and then to top it off the ability to knock these patches out, all right here from the Buckeye State in the great United States of America.  No middle man, no overseas operation, no hassle, and nothing but the best!  I didn’t have to deal with the random customer support person EVERY time that I want to contact Get Hosed Apparel like you do at other companies.  One person, that’s it!

Who knows where this latest adventure will lead in promoting cures, funding cures, and finding cures, but having a great company to work with makes it easy!  Keep checking back for new and exciting things!

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