New Years resolutions aside, because I don’t know that I believe in those and most seem to not last or be meaningful, i should maybe go with a word that strategizes the year.  Thinking for several weeks into the New Year, if I were to choose one, that word would be “FOCUS”.

Why FOCUS?  Several years ago when FF4CURES was at its prime and growing constantly there was a great amount of focus on the task at hand and the many “cures” that I was looking to work toward.  Unfortunately in doing so, there was an imbalance of prioritization…but that FOCUS was amazing!!!

Over the course of the last three years or so, that focus toward cures and the missions drastically took a back burner to hundreds of small things and several major things that just weren’t or shouldn’t have been the priority.  Life, work, family, fire department, community, and politics, and the list could continue.  The focus for being firefighter fit and ready to compete for those cures sadly even took a back burner.  I will save that for another post and another time here next.

I’ve seen success, know success, have been involved with some amazing things at my prime and its time to focus in and get back to what works where I can make the biggest difference.  In 2020 look for FF4CURES to get back to the roots and not only putting out more material, but getting involved in some new things.  Pushing harder for the climbs, getting more involved with the missions, and after some healing…getting back working with more people.

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