What will your obituary read?

What will your obituary read?

What an interesting topic to choose tonight as I work on the mental health aspect of preparing for an event.  No I don’t think that the Tunnel to Towers run is going to kill me (hopefully not), but the older I get and the more people I meet in my travels I often contemplate the morbid thought of our own limited time here on Earth.  What would your obituary read today should you make the ultimate sacrifice or should you die in some other manner?  Will it be short and succinct or would it be long and meaningful?  Would people who know you be surprised that they only knew a part of you?

To speak about obituaries you of course have to contemplate death or have had the unfortunate circumstances to witness it at some point.  In Fire/EMS you certainly get your share of seeing it firsthand, as do you if you work with charities involving sometimes terminal diseases.  When you get involved with a charity such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, not all endings are happy and pleasant and you are forever changed because of the people you meet.

What surprised me the most and perhaps was a turning point for me in being involved with the different charities and events was the obituary of a former honoree.  While it wasn’t the first one I read, because I had more of a connection I paid more attention.  At a third of my age, the child LIVED a life and made significant impacts in what they did, made the best of who they were and what time they had to work with.  Volunteerism, community involvement, organizations, and it read as someone who was far older than they were.

As I said, our time here is limited and all too often with the many things going on in life we don’t always place priorities in the right order.  Placing team, community, and other before self, but most importantly LIVING!  I encourage everyone, be involved in your community, be active, and live each day to its fullest because there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

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