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About me

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FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER:  The views and opinions within this website are my own and not necessarily those of my employer, my fire department, or sponsors.  Works within fully belong to myself unless otherwise stated.  With that stated I try to keep a very family friendly atmosphere around here and reflect well on those that I serve and those that I champion for.

My name is Jason Bostic, I am a Firefighter with the Fredericktown Community Fire District in Central Ohio and have been firefighting since 1999.

My motivation for participating in firefighter themed events, competitions, and fundraisers, was my mother Peggy’s battle with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia that nearly took her life in 1986.  Her long battle with CML continued to slowly kill her until she received a bone marrow transplant in 1990. The unmatched, unrelated bone marrow transplant was the first of its kind at The Ohio State University Medical Center and was before the James Cancer Institute came to fruition.  Without fundraisers and funding for research, her life may not have been saved. She has been in remission since 1993 and continues to live a healthy life.

I can never pay back all that has been done to help my family during her treatment and recovery, but I can pay forward and help others.  As firefighters, service, giving, and sacrifice should be something that we strive for and it is something that I hope to spend many years doing!

Long story short, my journey to paying it forward began in the local gym in November of 2004 when I started trying to get in shape and make a change in my life to compete in the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  In 2005 I just wasn’t quite where I wanted to be at and could not make it to the March 2005 climb, but in 2006 I did my first ever event.

That is one of the many reasons why I have created this site.  With the variety of fundraisers, events, and goings-on it is difficult to remember every website to point people to, and thus FF4CURES.COM was born.  Not only does this give me a place to be able to link people up with ways to give, but it also gives me a way to outreach, blog, and educate many of the “CURES” that I am fighting for and to ENCOURAGE OTHERS!

Please add the site to your favorites and share it!  If each and every one of us were doing one event, one fundraiser, donating time to a cause once a year, think of what all we could accomplish!

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