Don’t Give Cancer a Chance

Don’t Give Cancer a Chance

“Making a Difference in Occupational Cancer in the Fire Service”

Cancer, you can’t turn the television on or scroll through your social media without hearing more on the topic.  As firefighters though, while its mentioned everywhere, who is talking to us?  Jason Bostic is a 20-year student of the fire service and an Ambassador to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Firefighter Stair Climb.  Using real life experience and  current information the purpose is to make a difference!

This roughly 90-minute lecture is geared towards firefighters, from the probie to the senior man, and provides information that the academy isn’t teaching.  No matter the level of certification, there is never enough time to cover everything that is needed to prepare you completely for this calling.

During the course, see what decades of research, study, sickness, and fatality have told us about one of the biggest challenges out there that continues once the fire is out.  Firefighter occupational cancer every year is taking more of us than fatalities sustained on the scene.

  • Scope of cancer in the fire service
  • Whats in todays fire environment?
  • Why are we continuing to do this to ourselves?
  • Exposure routes.
  • What can be done?
  • Grants?

This course isn’t doctor speak.  This course isn’t going to be completely PC.  This course will challenge firefighters to make a change from the bottom up, and give those in the office insight on how to make easy change.


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